S1E8 | Internal Gear: The Inner Workings of City Hall

When Tom Thivener and Katherine Glowacz were hired by the City of Calgary to develop bicycle infrastructure within the Livable Streets Department, there was little infrastructure, competing advocacy interests, and a culture of building roads from "behind the windshield of an automobile". In this episode, Tom and Katherine share their secrets of where, when, and how infrastructure actually gets built in the city, and how the city actively engages citizens on new projects. This was a fascinating technical discussion, with many insights into how projects go from creative input to concrete on the road.  

This is the second of three episodes dedicated to the advocacy, technical, and political aspects of an urban cycling transformation in Calgary that has led to more than one million cycle track trips in an 18 month pilot project. We hope you enjoy the mini-series! 

Hosts: Sean Carter & Carla Hills

Produced and edited by: Ben Cowie

Song: Nothing's Ever Easy
Artist: The Permanent Residents
Album: Visa Vis