S1E9 | Urban Gangsters of Bike Town

Every great Bike Town is full of Urban Gangsters. Five term councillor Druh Farrell and two term councillor Gian-Carlo Carra joined us to discuss the visionary transformation of our city from car city to Bike Town. Councillor Farrell has been a leading voice for urbanism in our city for more than a decade, and Councillor Carra is part of a new wave of young leaders who are determined to see a different city built for the next million Calgarians. We discuss the challenges and reasons for success of the rapid transformation of bicycle infrastructure in our town. Saddle up for a fun ride with us. 

This is the third of three episodes dedicated to the advocacy, technical, and political aspects of an urban cycling transformation in Calgary that has led to more than one million cycle track trips in an 18 month pilot project. We hope you enjoy the mini-series! 

Hosts: Sean Carter & Carla Hills

Produced and edited by: Ben Cowie

Song: Bicycle Race
Artist: Queen
Album: Jazz
Label: EMI